How to set up Porsche Piwis 18.100 software

Disclaimer: Not my work. Found on mhhauto forum.  Just for sharing purpose. 

This Image is based on the following acronis image LINK

Made some modifications:

* Win XP tweaks (enable right click on taskbar, enabled win xp start menu etc)
* Win XP activated (no more 3 days left to activate errors)
* Windows XP fully updated from Windows Update
* Uninstalled all Panasonic drivers and other drivers not critical to the system (for making it into universal image)
* Made into universal image (can restore to VM or any laptop compatible with Windows XP)
* Deleted un-necessary files
* Uninstalled POSES and PET (to make download smaller, can re-install them if you wish - refer folder "Hardlock fix for installing PET and POSES")
* changed adobe reader from German to English
* Updated WinRAR
* 100% defragmented image - the image will restore into a single contiguous portion
* Restored Size ~ 17.9 GB (this is excluding pagefile storage)

NOTE: Even though the PIWIS version is shown as 18.150.500, this might only be a 18.100 as some PIWIS experts on another forum have debunked the existence of 18.150.500 and stated that in this image simply registry edited to display the version as 18.150.500 (refer file "18.150.500 is fake" in the archive)

Installation overview:

1. Boot the recovery CD (in the archive)
2. Restore Image
3. Install / restore drivers (if restoring to a VM, install guest additions)
4. Perform Imprint
5. Done

All detailed step-by-step instructions are in the archive (in folder "README").

Theoretically this image should be able to restore and boot into any laptop which supports Windows XP (hopefully no BSOD on booting). Also you can restore it to a Virtual Machine

My aim with this image was to create an PIWIS image that anyone can restore and use without any difficulty.
This image might be more suited to someone restoring it to a laptop other than a Panasonic CF-30 as I have removed all the Panasonic drivers. You can restore it to a CF-30, just need to reinstall / restore all the drivers

Easiest method to re-install drivers - In the laptop you are planning to restore the image -> If you are already running Win XP in that laptop, use software called "Double Driver" to backup all the drivers. After restoring the PIWIS image, restore the drivers - hardly take 5-10 min for complete driver restore and it's all one-click operation.


Restore to VM - here is how I usually do it:

1. Create two virtual hard drives - lets say - VHD-A and VHD-B;

VHD-A will be the main VHD of your VM into which you are restoring the image. 
VHD-B is just a temporary VHD to hold the image file for restore

2. Copy the image file (.adi file) into VHD-B
3. Attach both VHD-A and VHD-B to the VM
4. In the VMs CD drive, mount the recovery disc iso
5. Start the VM and boot into the recovery CD
6. Follow the instructions given in the archive to restore the image
7. After image finish restoring, turn off the VM and detach VHD-B and unmount the recovery disc iso from the VM
8. Start the VM - after it finish initializing, install guest additions.
9. Done - you can delete VHD-B from your system

Link attached:


Rar Archives MD5

Part 1   - 7C936553A73B75639F88EBABA96F2F0C
Part 2   - A8DDA2C9773E71C7340BF48BA077501B
Part 3   - 612D64136972570B345C5483008A2395
Part 4   - 436A8762B7A49CEFE2BCD9CE50C53FD4
Part 5   - 23CB220A8E44E405F6FCC49830B512B3
Part 6   - E35AD19B6AC17E5BC4C130029A417AEB
Part 7   - 889DD8C1E3C660D58984E9D06F3E09BE
Part 8   - 7968493EB6A5E72D723E6E236CDAFF9B
Part 9   - EEB2558774F18006AADAB28F906CA426
Part 10  - 2290ABED24E214D2DD10505FE4059726
Part 11  - D3BD9257E56A424EA63153415ABC31E1
Part 12  - A474C378EF06CAA7A41F3EA17F2212B0
Part 13  - 9945E99DA5D6866ACF78D44069311138
Part 14  - 41639ED7FB9B1C3AC99D1A967B41EC98
Part 15  - 1B319BB22FC5C035A0664BFB29DA84D5
Part 16  - 7103CDC6DFF96911B6D1008C1331A1EF
Part 17  - 4D0D24480B0561345C1EDDC54DFD9A92
Part 18  - F976327463820686714D8F046F9ADE26


Durametric vs PIWIS vs PST2: Which best?

I'm trying to decide which diagnostic tool to get.

Is the factory Porsche tool worth the price? I hear that you can do just as much and even more with a Windows computer and a cable. I've also heard about these $20 Chinese knock-offs like http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/porsche-piwis-cable-free-shipping-617.html, but I've never actually seen one, so I wonder it they even exist.

In addition to diagnostics, I need the feature where you can disable things like the spoiler going up and down.

Let's put it this way:

There are no legitimate PIWIS units for sale, Porsche only leases them, starting at around $18K for the first year, and even at that has some features disabled. Most of the oriental knock-offs are not even remotely a PIWIS, but rather a clone of an old and no longer supported Durametric software system.

Somewhat out of date, it cannot access systems on newer cars that did not exist when it was in use, and runs on a now dead operating system. Even at that, you will still lay out a couple grand to get an old computer with the system on it.

Durametric -
Not as capable as the PIWIS, but one Hell of a lot cheaper at less than $300. Still under active development, updates come out regularly which add new features and correct bugs. Comes in two versions, the Enthusiast will only work with three VIN's and cannot do everything that the Pro version does (coding, activating systems), and the Pro version has no car numbers limitations, but at more than twice the price.

And as for the spoiler, you really don't need any of these, just disconnect the damned thing.


How to code Porsche 997.1 steering wheel to 997.2's

Porsche 997.1 upgrade steering control module to 997.2 reference this article

997.1 upgrade to 997.2 steering wheel control module (997.613.289.01 or 997.613.299.01) need coding with PIWIS tester following this step:

1. Select "special functions" and do a "vehicle handover".

2. The "vehicle handover" runs automatically. When prompted if the car is new, select "no" and then confirm your chassis number (VIN). The "vehicle handover" is needed for recognizing your new steering wheel unit, so that all other control modules are able to communicate with it.

3. Select to "steering col. switch" unit and read and erase all fault memories. Then switch to "codings" and set "Automatic (Tiptronic/PDK)" and "PDK" (both!) to "installed". Also set all your other values to "installed" if the car is equipped with them (for example speed control system).

4. Then select "PSM" unit and read and erase all fault memories. After that read your security code (The security code is read with the PIWIS2
under menu item "Actual values") and do a steering-wheel-sensor-calibration (security code is needed here). (some cars need this calibration clear PSM faults)

5. At last: Erase all fault memories and then have fun while driving a Tiptronic car with PDK-Paddles

How to Update Porsche sport design steering wheel to multifunction

Original with sport design steering wheel car upgrade multifunction steering wheel,need coding the vehicle steering control module from sport style wheel to multifunction, input"Multifunction enable code" and coding the car by porsche PIWIS tester diagnostic tool.

Following this step:

1.Connect PIWIS,Press F7 or select "Add Menu".

2.Select "Maintentance of vehicle data".

3.1 Select new MF installed.

3.2 Select new MF installed.

4.Press F8 to save.

5.Select "Steering-Wheel Electronic",enter "Maintenance repairs" select "Function enable"

6.Input the enable code you get and save.

7.In the overview page select both "Instrument cluster" and "Steering-wheel electronics".

8.Select "Coding adaptations" run "Automatic coding".

9.Clear all faults code,IGNITION OFF the car,ignition on and enjoy new MF wheel.


If you need piwis, please contact us offline.


Porsche PET 7.3 397 97 catalog free download

2016.07 Multilanguage Porsche PET 7.3 397 electronic spare parts catalogue contains the full information on detailed application spare parts, and the information concerning to replacements and returnable parts…

PET 7.3 update 397/97:



Unknown security!

Free versions will expire in a few days!

PET 7.3 update 391/55:


Newest tested version




Porsche PET 7.3 update 342/31:


Kind of old




Models covered by this program:

For porsche 918 Spyder [918] 2015 ->

For porsche Macan [95B] 2014 ->

For porsche P anamera [970] 2010 ->

For porsche C ayenne [9PA] 2003 – 2006

For porsche C ayenne [9PA1] 2007 – 2010

For porsche C ayenne [92A] 2011 ->

For porsche 911 Carrera [996] 1998 – 2005

For porsche 911 Carrera [997-1] 2005 – 2008

For porsche 911 Carrera 2nd gen. [997-2] 2009 – 2012

For porsche 911 [991] 2012 ->

For porsche 996 GT3 [GT3-1] 1999 – 2005

For porsche 997 GT3 [GT3-2] 2007 – 2011

For porsche 991 GT3 [GT3-3] 2014 ->

For porsche 911 Turbo/GT2 [996T] 2001 – 2005

For porsche 911 Turbo/GT2 [997T] 2007 – 2009

For porsche 911 T / GT2 RS 2nd gen. [997T2] 2010 – 2013

For porsche 991 Turbo [991T] 2014 ->

For porsche Boxster [986] 1997 – 2004

For porsche Boxster [987] 2005 – 2008

For porsche Boxster, 2nd generation [987-2] 2009 – 2012

For porsche Boxster [981] 2012 ->

For porsche Cayman [987C] 2006 – 2008

For porsche Cayman, 2nd generation [987C2] 2009 – 2012

For porsche Cayman [981C] 2014 ->

For porsche 356 356A [356] 1950 – 1959

For porsche 356B 356C [356.] 1960 – 1965

For porsche 911 Turbo/GT2 [911E] 1975 – 1977

For porsche 911 912 [911-1] 1965 – 1969

For porsche 911 [911] 1970 – 1989

For porsche 911 Carrera 2/4 [964] 1989 – 1994

For porsche 911 Carrera [993] 1994 – 1998

For porsche 914 [914] 1970 – 1976

For porsche 924 [924] 1976 – 1985

For porsche 924S [924S] 1986 – 1988

For porsche 944 [944] 1982 – 1985

For porsche 944 [9442] 1985 – 1991

For porsche 968 [968] 1992 – 1995

For porsche 928 [928] 1978 – 1995

For porsche Carrera GT [GT] 2004 – 2006

For porsche 959 [959] 1987 – 1988

Special Catalogues:

Tequipment Catalogue [TEQ] 1985 – 2012

Tequipment 981 991 [TEQ1] 2012 ->

Tequipment Cayenne [TEQ2] 2003 ->

P anamera Tequipment [TEQ3] 2010 ->

Tequipment Macan [TEQ4] 2014 ->

Classic accessories [CLA] 1950 – 1998

Exchange Catalogue [ATK] 1963 – 2012

After Sales Seivice literature [LIT] 1950 – 2011

Seats Catalogue – 944/968/911/928 [STZ] 1985 – 1998


Porsche PET 7.3 catalogue 396 395 391 342 torrent

2016.6 Porsche PET revision 7.3 update 396 electronic spare parts catalogue is released! Now you can download PET 7.3 396 here for free. It’s kind of some forum members always shares software on the web.

Free download
PET 7.3 update 396 (will expire)
PET 7.3 update 395 (will expire)
PET 7.3 update 391 (never expire & activated)
PET 7.3 update 342 (never expire & activated)
PET7.3 391 & 342 activated version is cracked, not original

What is Porsche PET catalogue?
Porsche PET is spare parts catalogue and parts book for all regions. Electronic spare parts catalogue Porsche contains the full information on spare parts. The catalogue occupies one CD, and it is possible to establish for work with use of CD, or completely on the winchester.
2016.6-porsche-pet-7.3-1 2016.6-porsche-pet-7.3-2 2016.6-porsche-pet-7.3-3 2016.6-porsche-pet-7.3-4 2016.6-porsche-pet-7.3-5
Why to use Porsche PET parts catalog?
– Because it offers full information on spare parts, which helps Porsche diagnosis or programming:
Print high quality text and illustrations
Part number search, parts usage
Price lists
VIN decoding and filtering
Vehicle-specific parts information
Zoom features
Year, model and group indexes

How to install PET 7.3 Porsche:
Obdii365 engineers advise you to install PET7.3 on Windows XP operating system. But for Windows 7, 8, even Win 10, there are also some successful cases, but TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Does it cover European & North American models?
– Yes, it does! PET 7.3 covers the following models:
Porsche Panamera
Porsche Cayenne
Porsche 911 Carrera
Porsche 911
Porsche 996 GT3
Porsche 997 GT3
Porsche 911 Turbo/GT2
Porsche 911 Turbo/GT2 RS
Porsche Boxster
Porsche Cayman
Porsche 356/356A
Porsche 356B/356C
Porsche 911/912
Porsche 911 Carrera 2/4
Porsche 914
Porsche 924
Porsche 924S
Porsche 944
Porsche 968
Porsche 928
Porsche Carrera GT
Porsche 959


Porsche PIWIS Tester HDD stay on startup screen

A customer bought the new V16.8 PIWIS HDD for Porsche Piwis Tester II, but when he installed the hard drive, it stayed on the startup screen (photo attached)
Solution by obdii365.com engineer:
Unplug and then re-install the Porsche PIWIS tester 2 hard drive. It will work.