How to code Porsche 997.1 steering wheel to 997.2's

Porsche 997.1 upgrade steering control module to 997.2 reference this article

997.1 upgrade to 997.2 steering wheel control module (997.613.289.01 or 997.613.299.01) need coding with PIWIS tester following this step:

1. Select "special functions" and do a "vehicle handover".

2. The "vehicle handover" runs automatically. When prompted if the car is new, select "no" and then confirm your chassis number (VIN). The "vehicle handover" is needed for recognizing your new steering wheel unit, so that all other control modules are able to communicate with it.

3. Select to "steering col. switch" unit and read and erase all fault memories. Then switch to "codings" and set "Automatic (Tiptronic/PDK)" and "PDK" (both!) to "installed". Also set all your other values to "installed" if the car is equipped with them (for example speed control system).

4. Then select "PSM" unit and read and erase all fault memories. After that read your security code (The security code is read with the PIWIS2
under menu item "Actual values") and do a steering-wheel-sensor-calibration (security code is needed here). (some cars need this calibration clear PSM faults)

5. At last: Erase all fault memories and then have fun while driving a Tiptronic car with PDK-Paddles

How to Update Porsche sport design steering wheel to multifunction

Original with sport design steering wheel car upgrade multifunction steering wheel,need coding the vehicle steering control module from sport style wheel to multifunction, input"Multifunction enable code" and coding the car by porsche PIWIS tester diagnostic tool.

Following this step:

1.Connect PIWIS,Press F7 or select "Add Menu".

2.Select "Maintentance of vehicle data".

3.1 Select new MF installed.

3.2 Select new MF installed.

4.Press F8 to save.

5.Select "Steering-Wheel Electronic",enter "Maintenance repairs" select "Function enable"

6.Input the enable code you get and save.

7.In the overview page select both "Instrument cluster" and "Steering-wheel electronics".

8.Select "Coding adaptations" run "Automatic coding".

9.Clear all faults code,IGNITION OFF the car,ignition on and enjoy new MF wheel.


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